• Courses Portfolio

    Courses Portfolio

    With tenths of specialized courses in culture and practice of Innovation and Creativity

  • Training Platform

    Training Platform

    To ease training through the best support and tools

  • Events & Speakers Agency

    Events & Speakers Agency

    For professional meetings with innovative formats and high level of performance. National and international experts in scientific research and other disciplines

  • Silicon Valley Experience

    Silicon Valley Experience

    Immersive entrepreneurship, venture launch and innovation programs for acquiring a Silicon Valley Mindset

Courses Portfolio

Innovation Factory Institute

Our extensive knowledge on Innovation and Creativity in organizations and professional groups, dissected carefully in a large portfolio of training courses, skills and competences, which immerses us in all aspects of its application at professional level

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Training Platform

Digital Training

A technological and expert environment in which to develop training programs and professional's development, providing easy access to all tools and with the supervision and guidance of certified specialists in the different subjects

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Events & Speakers Agency

Expert organization in research promotion, science project management and the dissemination of scientific knowledge in a global basis
Extensive network of speakers

Our agency to conduct expert meetings, manage innovative formats in conferences, symposia, workshops and events, for meetings of business organizations, the scientific community and public institutions

Our speakers network, with prestigious national and international experts to explore Trending Novel Topics in different Industries and in Management, as well as advances in the scientific community and public institutions to be up to date in the professional domain

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Silicon Valley Experience

Immersive entrepreneurship, venture launch and innovation programs for acquiring a Silicon Valley Mindset

It provides top immersion programs on technology venture creation in Menlo Park, the heart of Silicon Valley. Each program is beautifully designed for offering, in a very short time, state-of-the-art Training, Personalised Mentoring, and Networking Opportunities with investors, entrepreneurs, incubators, startups, and tech companies

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The company

Institute on Cutting-Edge Innovation Topics at global scale

The CreaInnova Institute explores and develops upon its founding idea of training in all aspects of Innovative Thinking, applied to the improvement of activities of organizations, and the development of its professionals.

Through prestigious training and tools designed around the world, the Institute helps organizations achieve results that require a change in human behavior.

Contact us for updates on how to apply it in one of our nine areas of expertise:

  For enterprise:
      Innovation driven... Vision and Business Strategy, Product Development and Services, Process Performance, and Sales Performance

  For Science ecosystem:
      Applied... Scientific Research, Diffusion of Science among professionals

  For both Entreprise and Science organizations:
      Creativity driven... Leadership, HR Development, Company Culture